Victoria Tryon
The Alia collection, translating to 'sublime' or 'noble,' was inspired by Victoira's visits to the Middle East. These fine jewellery pieces capture the mystery and unique culture of the arab world. Her desings reflect the distincitve architecture and geometric shapes seen in textiles and interiors associated with the region.
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Victoria Tryon
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A certified diamond grader, Victoria Tryon’s career spans nearly two decades and connects her to some of the finest jewellery houses in the world: Cartier, Boucheron and Harry Winston. While working for widely recognised boutiques, Victoria came to appreciate the potential for pieces to evoke different places and times. Victoria’s own jewellery collection came to fruition in 2009 when she launched “Victoria Tryon” with designs that have the capacity to tap into human emotion and to trigger memory.
Length: 28cm
18K yellow gold, diamonds & citrine